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About the system
Payment gateway and processing system for the
provision of the payment receiving services.
The software solution is developed by Dante, has a reliable infrastructure
and is designed for a large number of users, scalability and flexibility;
Has been set up and currently running as a cloud solution powered by
Google Cloud Platform;
PCI DSS certified. The certificate can be scaled to additional legal entities;
As a cloud solution, it is offered along with the network infrastructure and
all the necessary tools in order to provide a reliable and secure service for
Google Cloud Platform processing payments;
Payment system architecture
Financial cabinet

The Financial cabinet will help you with screening the statistics of settled
payments, downloading reports, managing Anti-Fraud, working with
chargebacks, creating and managing personal merchants' accounts.

Merchant's office

The Merchant's office will help you with viewing the balances of Merchants, viewing the transaction details Pay-ins / Pay-out with broad analytics, transaction search, CSV upload filtering, setting up a Merchant Profile, having 2FA, adding SubAccounts for merchants, analyzing the transactions for the main Merchant account and SubAcc and asummary report on turnovers for a given period in a given currency.


The Settings service will help you in selecting merchants, payment methods,
selecting a currency (multiselect), selecting a country, selecting a list of bins,
selecting a card type, set up minimum and maximum amounts for linking
gates, and will help you with using many other functions.

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